エラータID: AXBA:2018-3254:03

2018/07/11 Wednesday - 16:09
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

Asianux Identity Management (IdM) is a centralized authentication, identity management, and authorization solution for both traditional and cloud-based enterprise environments.

This update fixes the following bugs:

* During the installation of Identity Management replicas, setting up the Custodia component sometimes failed because of missing objects in the Directory Server database. Consequently, the whole "ipa-replica-install" command failed. With this update, the "nsds5ReplicaReleaseTimeout" setting can be added to the LDAP servers on the replication masters to avoid the Custodia setup failure. The setting defines how long a replication master should send updates to the new replica before it terminates its replication session. The termination then allows other replication masters to update the new replica. As a result, "ipa-replica-install" proceeds correctly. (#1579189)

* When an Identity Management (IdM) host is promoted to a replica, IdM uses Custodia to transport secrets, for example Certificate Authority keys. Previously, Custodia uploaded the newly created public keys of the IdM host to the local LDAP server and then connected to one or two remote Custodia instances to check if the keys had been replicated there. Consequently, on a busy LDAP cluster the replica installation sometimes timed out. With this update, Custodia directly uploads its key to a remote IdM master and uses this remote IdM master to request all secrets. As a result, retrieval of secrets no longer depends on timely replication between local and remote LDAP servers. (#1579190)

* Previously, the *ipa-server-upgrade* utility did not check if a Certificate Authority (CA) instance was configured on the IdM host and tried to back up configuration files that exist only on IdM masters with a CA instance. Consequently, *ipa-server-upgrade* failed because of the missing files. With this update, *ipa-server-upgrade* checks if a CA instance is configured on the IdM host before trying to back up CA configuration files. As a result, *ipa-server-upgrade* works as expected. (#1579203)

Users of ipa are advised to upgrade to these updated packages.


Update packages.




  1. ipa-4.5.4-
    MD5: d4a6e9b6f254dff1a8eee7dc844a4faa
    SHA-256: 84be4ac54de8f7492c6d6a4e652eb4a784a6d7123f137acb8d96bda67062ff93
    Size: 10.22 MB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. ipa-client-4.5.4-
    MD5: 7f656ab204c6aa41886dcced0f8137d7
    SHA-256: 2dd87a1465e63abc059b09fb1972775432c9e7bb5bd7b2bbcb9918c31beff7d4
    Size: 255.46 kB
  2. ipa-client-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: ab13c61e5fd7e765eab048936f0a40a1
    SHA-256: ab1d48b5658afb8fe86aa35e64910a7dadf8f8ef89a8172755f5221cf6ab048b
    Size: 161.66 kB
  3. ipa-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: dd497d66ac2a72587e10d8b295f5884d
    SHA-256: d72ca05e809cf9b41e953966f2f02767688e1d5728754f08cd92957baa92d6c9
    Size: 588.58 kB
  4. ipa-python-compat-4.5.4-
    MD5: f8d66caf92b123946cbc9d6c5b8787b1
    SHA-256: b0436af4c1266949eb08b3f4030d1ec3190f546a2a0a370d42dd1d9d726e036f
    Size: 155.76 kB
  5. ipa-server-4.5.4-
    MD5: 3bcbc029954a6adf7969bc22897085d2
    SHA-256: 24b0a85a2005424aa0c97ea845ff5fab4101991dabd5aa0af4fc1b6b96e83560
    Size: 490.83 kB
  6. ipa-server-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: 47b6c98b442488b4f555f6b2f9b7073a
    SHA-256: 8d3d94c47f5024d5626c91bc93fda7aaf98d62952c83b0ddfbd5fd958a4f3888
    Size: 675.47 kB
  7. ipa-server-dns-4.5.4-
    MD5: 659de8de9773cb3774761c0857ffa97c
    SHA-256: 1f9ce027d25ed1eabec7bf4dccda0234e2a6308fa5d2dbef1b29ee9e65923bbe
    Size: 159.59 kB
  8. ipa-server-trust-ad-4.5.4-
    MD5: 7abf64fb03f81edf430d84ae84a7bf01
    SHA-256: e0546a110951eca92be43b74b778f5ccbf4553efa1773527629f1c512f5f7902
    Size: 248.84 kB
  9. python2-ipaclient-4.5.4-
    MD5: 6d8b3cf6d75da9762f70c24fc484ca6f
    SHA-256: fb05e45b40cd2c3b69402ca0e20be9718b0da93ab21d85594640a00692cb182e
    Size: 650.74 kB
  10. python2-ipalib-4.5.4-
    MD5: 33163a548478cd6f3f7ed657c8b1c599
    SHA-256: bfc23002efc3f3d37e38a352915ab98cae15aef4fc0227be0ec980538d0f2a72
    Size: 654.94 kB
  11. python2-ipaserver-4.5.4-
    MD5: 824de4f43429974246fde2bf212e3d40
    SHA-256: 9fcea86682926be38e5a6a7953535ef617d454885d97881a0cd7c67060ef034e
    Size: 1.43 MB