エラータID: AXBA:2018-3117:02

2018/05/23 Wednesday - 22:34
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

Asianux Identity Management (IdM) is a centralized authentication, identity management, and authorization solution for both traditional and cloud-based enterprise environments.

This update fixes the following bugs:

* Previously, the one-time password (OTP) logins required APIs that were not available in the FIPS mode. As a consequence, authentication of OTP and RADIUS failed when the user installed Identity Management (IdM) on a machine with FIPS enabled. This update overcomes the described failure by using a different set of APIs for loading the OTP secret. As a result, IdM now supports the OTP and RADIUS authentication on machines with FIPS enabled. (BZ#1564390)

* Previously, a replication conflict could happen when running the ipa-replica-install utility in specific timing conditions. Due to the conflict, two service principals were created for the http/replica service. As a consequence, ipa-replica-install failed with the "KDC has no support for encryption type." error message. With this update, ipa-replica-install consistently communicates with a single master to create the service principal and the service keytab, which prevents potential replication conflicts. As a result, ipa-replica-install succeeds. (BZ#1565520)

* Previously, the ipa-replica-install utility internally called the ipa-client-utility without forwarding the --ip-address option. As a consequence, ipa-replica-install did not use the specific IP addresses provided through --ip-address and created the DNS records for all services on the machine. With this update, ipa-replica-install now forwards --ip-address to ipa-client-install. As a result, ipa-replica-install with the --ip-address option now creates the DNS records only for the provided IP addresses. (BZ#1565605)

Users of ipa are advised to upgrade to these updated packages.


Update packages.




  1. ipa-4.5.4-
    MD5: 0debec0335f02621ca9ce41fed4d9072
    SHA-256: 0ef264405571cdc4f2b53992894ed0804c0a06bf2e850e492888c29a374772df
    Size: 10.21 MB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. ipa-client-4.5.4-
    MD5: b02b6d8fe77a09ba11b390c432b7b9fb
    SHA-256: 22cc88ddac47507355a8dc4960669856af63a83186cb62bd7c3db7043792c110
    Size: 254.70 kB
  2. ipa-client-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: 5d5887152ed4824d8d5efef0b7420f02
    SHA-256: 525da872c3f101b5cc919504f462460bfad4ea7fb7ca329085c7a84e96c2fd6d
    Size: 160.91 kB
  3. ipa-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: 2461de8f920e26fd8b143a74ff9f6beb
    SHA-256: a64725d6358d63bf347d00684be5369471016a635ea3e737f1a521e22b9808ea
    Size: 587.83 kB
  4. ipa-python-compat-4.5.4-
    MD5: 88954c35db3b9305f33d3e78127fd6a2
    SHA-256: 57314df92b308700d0b08ea6efb032fc66dcc4d353d3addee89621de76135bad
    Size: 155.01 kB
  5. ipa-server-4.5.4-
    MD5: fb1ed3cca0bcf0af6cee2e02678807aa
    SHA-256: 4efc5715038e5bd3e2ba4f6a342fcb0b75773ebb93086802f776884ee0e221a7
    Size: 489.99 kB
  6. ipa-server-common-4.5.4-
    MD5: 29e7da4b9f15cece414e18bb81b102dd
    SHA-256: 4a38b21405378740f71fbcc33cb7cb1773e05f7d476a7870e13319537dc303e9
    Size: 674.72 kB
  7. ipa-server-dns-4.5.4-
    MD5: c6c74647f5f5a0193e81b9bac3466225
    SHA-256: 5282d17d2f9b32b7e78d5e9e04b1499de2882099aa6e713158b920dbfae2979e
    Size: 158.84 kB
  8. ipa-server-trust-ad-4.5.4-
    MD5: 26d9b28c6c8c85304a52fa957192407e
    SHA-256: 9093c1da9e62dbce7b446614bfe0dfadd5011efa3b0f6cbb11dd896129f20889
    Size: 248.10 kB
  9. python2-ipaclient-4.5.4-
    MD5: 9d54f9105e1d3338d4c89082a702f092
    SHA-256: 18b786c50b84b00750f89bb247ba768734ea9f78603e2febfadeba2cf6b230ca
    Size: 649.77 kB
  10. python2-ipalib-4.5.4-
    MD5: 528801c564829274345aeb395d1ec1a4
    SHA-256: 61edf20fee13996402bf43689817f7571993cd0bc701dd49bfc5a58b5ddfbc49
    Size: 654.19 kB
  11. python2-ipaserver-4.5.4-
    MD5: 4be0af5a1eaba014d4931b8eb80452a4
    SHA-256: 2b5a862eb186e4b5d723a499163e780bc3d5de094b1406284b1692425a81e433
    Size: 1.43 MB