エラータID: AXEA:2018-2526:01

2018/01/26 Friday - 05:12
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

The device-mapper-multipath packages provide tools that use the device-mapper multipath kernel module to manage multipath devices.

This update fixes the following bugs:

* Previously, the DM Multipath service terminated unexpectedly when it attempted to add a feature to the features string of a built-in device configuration that had no features string. With this update, DM Multipath first checks if the features string exists, and creates one if necessary. As a result, DM Multipath no longer crashes when trying to modify a nonexistent features string. (BZ#1510837)

* Previously, Nimble devices used the default path_checker method, directio, which incorrectly failed on passive paths. With this update, the Nimble built-in configuration now specifies the TUR path_checker method instead. As a result, passive paths on Nimble arrays now have the correct path state. (BZ#1510839)

In addition, this update adds the following enhancement:

* DM Multipath now recognizes the prkeys_file option, which configures the reservation key for the paths of a multipath device. With this option, you can now use the mpathpersist utility without knowing ahead of time what reservation keys will be used and without adding them to the multipath.conf configuration file. As a result, it is now easier to use the mpathpersist utility to manage multipath persistent reservations in multiple setups. (BZ#1510834)

Users of device-mapper-multipath are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.


Update packages.




  1. device-mapper-multipath-0.4.9-111.el7.2.src.rpm
    MD5: fddf36c1da383382eea6c3cb8451bbea
    SHA-256: 6dfb3bff2368ca569db83ace6a1f8db9b401d4c6d9809544ec33097404aac43e
    Size: 588.90 kB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. device-mapper-multipath-0.4.9-111.el7.2.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 5c931e7f67e914b3128e1ca3edaad6c1
    SHA-256: 2aada4f6e30a95e2f534f0e915b65b11bbc43257957205ed561b15e2900b437b
    Size: 133.52 kB
  2. device-mapper-multipath-libs-0.4.9-111.el7.2.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 86e4de0a2a35564534a7b81b8b031d4f
    SHA-256: 88901a42dd99d1525290d7f72815c08b61141ef21ddb700904873e21e1802cc7
    Size: 250.74 kB
  3. kpartx-0.4.9-111.el7.2.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 86f9c837424b37eefca915f18dbd8fec
    SHA-256: 4ded5bb0f47d2d38efc09720c0cbcaff556c856ea0369e2c5fc1fa549bf16713
    Size: 72.02 kB
  4. device-mapper-multipath-libs-0.4.9-111.el7.2.i686.rpm
    MD5: 811efef2cbe7dde1d7fa955b94f91900
    SHA-256: ec0c99ce9fb739aa24553608a1e062328ba3e3dc5a1616559f9afb53b514a97b
    Size: 244.94 kB