エラータID: AXBA:2017-2386:07

2017/11/01 Wednesday - 17:34
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

Asianux Identity Management (IdM) is a centralized authentication, identity
management, and authorization solution for both traditional and cloud-based
enterprise environments.

This update fixes the following bugs:

* Previously, the race condition during the IdM (Identity Management) installation caused that the required entry was not present at the time it was requested from the database. Consequently, the IdM installation failed. The bug has been fixed, and the installation now continues only when the required entry is present. (BZ#1486794)

* Previously, the "ipa config-mod --ca-renewal-master-server hostname" command failed on a replica. Consequently, the administrator could not configure the replica as Certificate Authority renewal master. To fix this bug, the parameters were passed in the expected format. As a result, using the "ipa config-mod --ca-renewal-master-server hostname" command is now successful. (BZ#1489300)

* Previously, when switching from an externally signed Certificate Authority (CA) to self-signed CA, the "ipa-cacert-manage renew --self-signed" command failed. As a consequence, it was not possible to switch from the externally signed CA to the self-signed CA. To fix this bug, the CA helper has been fixed to properly handle certificate trust flags. As a result, it is now possible to switch from the externally signed CA to a self-signed CA. (BZ#1489815)

* Previously, when upgrading to Asianux enterprise Linux 7.4, the upgrade of IdM server failed, if there was a duplicate entry containing the IdM CA certificate. Consequently, the upgrade script did not complete, and the IdM services did not restart. The upgrade script has been fixed to remove duplicate entries, and to use consistent names for IdM CA certificate. As a result, the upgrade is now successful.(BZ#1489817)

* Previously, when gradually upgrading from Asianux Server 7.0 to 7.4 version with the IdM installed, the IdM web user interface (WebUI) failed. To fix this bug, the IdM updater has been changed to automatically add the Directory Server (DS) whoami plug-in in case it is missing. As a result, the WebUI now works as expected. (BZ#1490331)

* Previously, the IdM WebUI did not work after upgrading from version 4.4. to 4.5. Consequently, it was not possible to log in into WebUI. To fix this bug, the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf file has been configured to contain the right attributes. As a result, it is now possible to log in to WebUI. (BZ#1491545)

* When upgrading to Asianux Server 7.4, the IdM upgrade script failed because it did not accept the HTTPD and LDAP server certificates nicknames different from 'Server-Cert'. Consequently, the upgrade script did not complete successfully, and IdM services were not restarted. The bug has been fixed, and the upgrade now succeeds with the server certificates nicknames different from 'Server-Cert'. (BZ#1493153)

* Previously, when using the "ipa help" command for the first time, the help message did not appear. The bug has been fixed to correctly display the help message even if no cache is present. As a result, the help message is displayed even when using the command for the first time. (BZ#1493411)

* Prior to this update, IdM did not operate with the IPv6 stack disabled on the machine due to the use of a unified Linux networking API to handle both IPv6 and IPv4 connections. Consequently, it was not possible to upgrade the Asianux Server IdM. The bug has been fixed, and validation of the IPv6 stack now works as expected. (BZ#1493410)

* Previously, when trying to add new One-Time Password (OTP) token from the OATH-compliant PSKC XML file, the import failed. The bug has been fixed, and OTP token is now imported successfully. (BZ#1492616)

Users of ipa are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these


Update packages.




  1. ipa-4.5.0-
    MD5: 849f5c044c4ae1d72a280cd88f984f51
    SHA-256: 2aeba4183aca9934a2e35071bb5c30215367838a23d61dc88cf668aba2a58755
    Size: 10.47 MB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. ipa-client-4.5.0-
    MD5: 87e482ffcc0974b125757cfa4b707e4e
    SHA-256: 9fd0f815892996d37cd27b7a0b3ba36262bb5106ca6f707c184ae65fa49f3e1b
    Size: 245.75 kB
  2. ipa-client-common-4.5.0-
    MD5: 732e541d9e3e749d03ed92ed7e2d1124
    SHA-256: 4d283a36cae6b1c789695b338964ab7121dccefe86a9c527200d75ca4d716d1c
    Size: 152.39 kB
  3. ipa-common-4.5.0-
    MD5: aeca7c78784f8611b01966b931a3935c
    SHA-256: acc3f5a37f2dfbc283e67b6b472a5e3c8b04cc7383781538e67143b2df0e8382
    Size: 575.44 kB
  4. ipa-python-compat-4.5.0-
    MD5: 4b6d48edeb584f731f2c9c7de7613489
    SHA-256: 65f9ce8526d1bc101bebb71f390aa4c87322bd42f3879d45b59a79d0d41047a0
    Size: 146.48 kB
  5. ipa-server-4.5.0-
    MD5: 45f7464a0a53af3ead348edfa32dd380
    SHA-256: 4c1c59906694382be3e30ee0dffb0dcb45396a8808c1f93f84b8c5b404b5258c
    Size: 478.96 kB
  6. ipa-server-common-4.5.0-
    MD5: 02aa58846e637ba67880943b0cc2b17a
    SHA-256: bb8e3c512fd540dabb3337b177a42b9e1096dfffc366fba4c360b383eddf60a4
    Size: 665.44 kB
  7. ipa-server-dns-4.5.0-
    MD5: fc96c3aae14d1a72efc459fda97a0c3e
    SHA-256: ecdfc7794dbe5b9bf7104db3489fe800ed87965f3177beb8c611cc4448582834
    Size: 150.31 kB
  8. ipa-server-trust-ad-4.5.0-
    MD5: 50326d918a91577c05c268974ae2b8c5
    SHA-256: 77eea67d110c8ebebf21975dea317ecc52675d4cfbe7484c27d305e7688bccef
    Size: 238.59 kB
  9. python2-ipaclient-4.5.0-
    MD5: 5b5a6ecc30c4d8aa444f9205fe6caa62
    SHA-256: ec1ea68d696f0271f65275f3a94ff35893c46053ec9955671d8090bf8cd15911
    Size: 640.19 kB
  10. python2-ipalib-4.5.0-
    MD5: 917952e844643a7f221f7bcb4badae95
    SHA-256: b83b8d6c9ed61e186e55e50236cdf01bca5b99b812839e206e3e05478824ba31
    Size: 643.85 kB
  11. python2-ipaserver-4.5.0-
    MD5: 65dd74d013b325cd7954ad286f908621
    SHA-256: 8a8e13078fed832f526b9b379994069608c1bbc67070d8bda7b9491e99e356dd
    Size: 1.42 MB