2009/08/04 Tuesday - 11:49
Asianux Server 3 for x86_64
Asianux Server 3 for x86


[Bug Fix]
- autofs が複数のサーバでマップエントリを調査している際にセグメンテーションフォールトが発生する問題を修正しました。

- NIS マップエントリで長さ0のキーを持っている場合、セグメンテーションフォールトが発生する問題を修正しました。


[Bug Fix]
- Fixed nested submount expire deadlock.
- Fixed rootless direct multi-mount expire.
- wait for submount shutdown completion.
- Added patch to handle NIS_PARTIAL return when key not found.
- Replaced state check patch with patch to not issue readmap on new mount during HUP signal processing.
- Fixed state checks now incorrect due to optimnizations in task queueing.
- Fixed incorrect match of map type as a host name.
- Fixed fd leak at multi-mount non-fatal mount fail.
- Fixed incorrect multi-mount mountpoint calcualtion.
- Look in the correct mount table for kernel automounted ""nohide"" mounts.
- remember the maximum allocation size and use it in subsequent ifc buf allocations.
- Fixed autofs4 multi-map doesn't pickup NIS updates automatically
- update patch to also check for single character non-printable map key.
- Added correction patch for setting of buffer length.
- Fixed automounter does not work in the diskless environment
- Fixed autofs parses /etc/nsswitch.conf incorrectly
- X/Open Federated Naming service master map entry should be handled by autofs
- Fixed automounter does not work in the diskless environment
- Fixed autofs doesn't recognize the local host as local when using many interfaces
- Fixed autoFS Crashes if non-alpha numerics are tried as map names (LDAP maps)
- Fixed incorrect pthreads condition handling for mount requests.
- Does not abuse the ap->ghost field on NFS mount.
- Fixed fail on included browse map not found.
- clear stale flag on map read.
- refactor mount request variable setting code.
- make handle_mounts startup condition distinct
- Fixed submount shutdown recovery handling.
- Does not call blocking functions during expire.
- Added configuration paramter UMOUNT_WAIT.
- Fixed multi mount race.
- Checks for exported mounts automatically mounted by kernel.
- Checks replicated list after probe.
- init SASL callbacks on every ldap lookup library load.
- Fixed incorrect initialization which causes unpredictable behavior.
- Added error message to notify when no valid URIs found in configured list.
- Fixed base dn search not trying all configured search bases.
- Fixed race during sub-mount shutdown.
- use mount option ""nodev"" for ""-hosts"" map unless ""dev"" is explicily specified.
- second attempt fixing quoting for exports gathered by hosts map.
- Fixed to quoting for exports gathered by hosts map.
- expand cases covering ""%"" hack handling.
- Fixed LDAP_URI server selection.
- Added authentication option for using an external credential cache.
- use mount option ""nosuid"" for ""-hosts"" map unless ""suid"" is explicily specified.
- update improve server down handling patch.
- Fixed off-by-one error on key lookup.
- Fixed for dynamic logging breaking non-sasl build.
- force umount and return fail if mtab not updated after retries.
- update the daemon negative mount timeout implementation
- log ""/etc/init.d/autofs reload"" invocations to the system log
- Fixed /etc/init.d/autofs does not handle basedns with spaces
- Added set close on exec flag for fifos.
- make fifo setup failure non-fatal.
- Added configure option to enable fifo dir specification.
- set default fifo dir to /var/run as first preference.
- Fixed autofs fails if nsswitch.conf doesn't have automount entry
- Fixed if multi-mount maps fail, can not map a hierarchy
- Fixed autofs fails if LDAP attribute value is the same as a standard autofs attribute name
- Fixed autofs fails to mount nfs4 when client and server are same machine
- Fixed autofs passes a wrong program version to the nfs NULL proc
- Added support for the ""%"" hack for case insensitive attribute schemas
- Allows autofs to do automount lookups via nscd through LDAP




Asianux Server 3 SP2 からのアップデートパッケージです。


  1. autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.102.src.rpm
    MD5: cbbe486f5056c470698253dde11f5641
    SHA-256: ec80ff3146e2039b2aea5fe21f8796e6eef4cb0a710975e0f647054dc4ec800c
    Size: 582.40 kB

Asianux Server 3 for x86
  1. autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.102.i386.rpm
    MD5: 44907685b7d9c2779c2f73f7eb9f7965
    SHA-256: b09a52c85299a11d5ed91cf62eea7c37ede1daae185aac4d1df98308050d8c55
    Size: 831.94 kB

Asianux Server 3 for x86_64
  1. autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.102.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: ca7cde2744c39a35c0cb98c8d38e4898
    SHA-256: d6f7f4b162d461fcee20cb11194d1a080a23e0f6bec7378056df946e432780c9
    Size: 852.37 kB
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