2015/12/18 Friday - 18:43
Asianux Server 4 for x86_64
Asianux Server 4 for x86

Fixed bugs:

* Identity Management (IdM) clients that are views-enabled are unconditionally looking for a views-related attribute. If the attribute was not available, earlier versions of IdM returned a different error code than later versions, which was not handled as expected on the client side. Consequently, Active Directory (AD) user's group membership resolution failed, as the lookup request failed after not being able to dereference the view name. To fix this bug, if the LDAP_UNAVAILABLE_CRITICAL_EXTENSION(12) or LDAP_PROTOCOL_ERROR(2) error is returned, the error is ignored and the client assumes the server is not views-aware. As a result, AD user's group membership resolution no longer fails when a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 client is enrolled to a Asianux Server 4 server.
* Previously, the Network Security Services (NSS) library was not successfully shut down because several certificate objects that were created by using the NSS library were not properly dereferenced. A subsequent initialization of the NSS library in another part of the installer previously failed because the library was not cleaned. As a consequence, the user was prevented from installing an IdM server with a CA certificate signed by an external authority. A patch has been backported to fix this bug, and the installation of an IdM server with a CA certificate signed by an external authority no longer fails.


Update packages.




  1. ipa-3.0.0-
    MD5: 9b4081ee92d3a526be7daae7b7382a52
    SHA-256: 7f02780fc9b88de666707fd2d5ae7ea2cafeb66090fd10c105674759eb4157b9
    Size: 4.51 MB

Asianux Server 4 for x86
  1. ipa-admintools-3.0.0-
    MD5: cd7502497cc1cb712abdfff02da1a99b
    SHA-256: 5d99418e7df306b319064877803623d7af6469eddc0260c0d79484edcde9e4fe
    Size: 69.35 kB
  2. ipa-client-3.0.0-
    MD5: 279349edb9547b98285be86e682a979c
    SHA-256: 0b07c7602129e5f9601fc1992ef58e6d9696ab34e50be41d8f310f57a1a8ed86
    Size: 147.18 kB
  3. ipa-python-3.0.0-
    MD5: d3b59afa98e36ad29a9c92fe472df68e
    SHA-256: 2d763a71db08d500a2a99eab55a75a390e71edd733a1e44d2a6ce66718467532
    Size: 930.55 kB
  4. ipa-server-3.0.0-
    MD5: c37af9ad27c64339d019b2c6c6017de1
    SHA-256: 67f80e551e5dcf89c4c8539b782676122c0a827e08149f633e3f6953a0425fe0
    Size: 1.11 MB
  5. ipa-server-selinux-3.0.0-
    MD5: 41029eff9c8d7fd523b8705109280ec7
    SHA-256: f65f1acb54c43965447a2e7cda74a67a49c8b20b77846e665778bc126329e4f6
    Size: 68.32 kB
  6. ipa-server-trust-ad-3.0.0-
    MD5: 4fae9177f8cc6cc000d9d39e8ac11ea1
    SHA-256: dae529b2c76fa779d686a42517f8ef1a37db12cf3104f8330239077405ebe89a
    Size: 132.96 kB

Asianux Server 4 for x86_64
  1. ipa-admintools-3.0.0-
    MD5: 5a3e0fd6493e9ab3526695d3aa3c1a87
    SHA-256: 4dfcba6d7a22d30a6b8a3cd9f4e196fdaab6c3eef6ddba327acddf17c86082b0
    Size: 68.90 kB
  2. ipa-client-3.0.0-
    MD5: 4c1c018d46084dac1f1a940fece5e493
    SHA-256: 0912754794ab4b2288e4579e5dc8549b9e9c4815e4ee9e0830ec8d8dd894c5f3
    Size: 147.61 kB
  3. ipa-python-3.0.0-
    MD5: dfd0787c72cd6d989638e85241f72ece
    SHA-256: 41e3bc2bf7de0ebfc9b178fc6ecf98b3589f49f37adfca40579b1ce0f49c5c41
    Size: 930.28 kB
  4. ipa-server-3.0.0-
    MD5: 54142c512f2112acd46a9c3c79b5d018
    SHA-256: 54ac73b2ed1ab4520763af2ebf692eb78bf3debc727b2cc0adb35b65163d8e23
    Size: 1.11 MB
  5. ipa-server-selinux-3.0.0-
    MD5: ea009e2ce861b0290ee067529719632e
    SHA-256: 1903cb12f7e2b9699bc444f0f36819d9adbc83051237346e7e892d1dd74d9425
    Size: 67.87 kB
  6. ipa-server-trust-ad-3.0.0-
    MD5: f0d939cae3afab3bfa70b68c79d6de10
    SHA-256: dcd7b91a49527a12a68d0f336c01b7210157cc527fd29beede3951f0edb9aea2
    Size: 133.25 kB
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