389-ds:1.4 bug fix and enhancement update

エラータID: AXBA:2022-2995:01

2022/01/20 Thursday - 08:59
389-ds:1.4 bug fix and enhancement update
Asianux Server 8 for x86_64

An update for 389-ds-base is now available for MIRACLE LINUX.

Bug Fix(es):

- [RFE] Schedule execution of "compactdb" at specific date/time
- RFE - Monitor the current DB locks ( nsslapd-db-current-locks ).
- RFE - Add an option for the Retro Changelog to ignore some attributes.
- client psearch with multiple threads hangs if nsslapd-maxthreadsperconn is
under sized
- RFE - Log an additional message if the server certificate nickname doesn't
match nsSSLPersonalitySSL value.
- Performance search rate: change entry cache monitor to recursive pthread
- Changelog cache can upload updates from a wrong starting point (CSN)
- Memory leak in 389ds backend (Minor)
- Negative wtime on ldapcompare
- [RFE] Extend DNA plugin to support intervals sizes for subuids
- hang because of incorrect accounting of readers in vattr rwlock
- Rebase 389 DS with 389-ds-base-1.4.3
- Internal unindexed searches in syncrepl
- CVE-2021-3514 389-ds:1.4/389-ds-base: sync_repl NULL pointer dereference
in sync_create_state_control()
- Temporary password rules are not enforce with local password policy
- ACIs are being evaluated against the Replication Manager account in a
replication context.
- A connection can be erroneously flagged as replication conn during
evaluation of an aci with ip bind rule
- Large updates can reset the CLcache to the beginning of the changelog
- IPA installation fails on s390x with
- Instance crash at restart after changelog configuration
- ds-replcheck state output message has 'Master' instead of 'Supplier'
- persistent search returns entries even when an error is returned by
- LDAP server crashes when dnaInterval attribute is set to 0

Modularity name: 389-ds
Stream name: 1.4


Update packages.




  1. 389-ds-base-
    MD5: 31cab030965a026d5b96a5c3de4db0bb
    SHA-256: 2199a9db6f97a3a826aa3872846da92f621089ae8d4f268b1eb85e8d03790fb8
    Size: 18.49 MB

Asianux Server 8 for x86_64
  1. 389-ds-base-
    MD5: c9cdcc99c3a6f7be197bade85289547a
    SHA-256: b8b42e561f08333a2bd59a8e27cba08020f2c59088f5810d8c9a40230288d711
    Size: 2.49 MB
  2. 389-ds-base-debugsource-
    MD5: 40cd1c9a37e261e2601f679d3ff22ce7
    SHA-256: cbc46b875415fd44c0af4631deaa2cb774715018907d7da7a7baef92f9be571d
    Size: 2.54 MB
  3. 389-ds-base-devel-
    MD5: b34bc6cbef30924082860152bb51651a
    SHA-256: a877305c9fa97fbb693c4d74a9b6aafa296e5661aec8a2d24b8ef0d47277875e
    Size: 125.67 kB
  4. 389-ds-base-legacy-tools-
    MD5: 0d56f55926c671d852790b279c3bb4a1
    SHA-256: aeb28680d2ad8a7cb4ad4c616905e99b60127a3edb5af2be3e84b812679f18d9
    Size: 277.99 kB
  5. 389-ds-base-libs-
    MD5: 6d0520b2ec89dc2b8524b1760f7800d4
    SHA-256: 57bf545b6024b7aeefb6e74159b94286a07fae56d91ad5dc6370c61a522429bc
    Size: 1.38 MB
  6. 389-ds-base-snmp-
    MD5: f7844b0ffdaed7cd648ee589be33d731
    SHA-256: 055132d30d194f92f76e0e08ae45cc6ba5e48fe0f2bf154145dcd340b0743ab6
    Size: 38.95 kB
  7. python3-lib389-
    MD5: 269c2c4aeb21f6a22e65912775075df1
    SHA-256: 87b1c0678309add3f6091ed60b432c7425e46f3f4ffbf04ebf2abcbfc861673a
    Size: 886.41 kB