2019/11/20 Wednesday - 03:31
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

Asianux Gluster Storage is software only scale-out storage solution that
provides flexible and affordable unstructured data storage. It unifies data
storage and infrastructure, increases performance, and improves
availability and manageability to meet enterprise-level storage challenges.

The glusterfs packages have been rebased to upstream version 6.

This advisory fixes the following bugs:

* O_TRUNC is ignored during open-fd heal to prevent invalid locks.(BZ#1706549)

* Reading from bad blocks is now prevented. (BZ#1732774)

* File descriptors are marked as bad when updates to file size or version
fails. (BZ#1745107)

* Stale linkto files are identified and deleted. (BZ#1672869)

* Network family sets correctly during socket initialization so events are
sent to consumers. (BZ#1732443)

* Dynamically allocated memory is freed correctly. (BZ#1734423, BZ#1736830)

* Non-root geo-replication sessions can now use gluster commands by setting
gluster-command-dir and gluster-command-slave-dir options. (BZ#1712591)

* New auto-invalidation and options
retain page cache content to improve performance. (BZ#1676468)

* Geo-replication now succeeds when a symbolic link is renamed multiple
times between syncs. (BZ#1670429)

* During geo-replication, workers now read stderr output while tarssh runs,
avoiding deadlocks. (BZ#1708116)

* Geo-replication no longer creates extra files when many different
files are renamed to the same destination path. (BZ#1708121)

* Fixed memory leak when viewing status of all volumes. (BZ#1670415,

* Rebalance socket files are now named using a hash based on volume name
and UUID to avoid character limits and ensure rebalance occurs.

* Get-status now reports state more accurately. (BZ#1726991)

* Optimized retrieving volume information to prevent handshake timeouts
when 1500+ volumes are configured in a cluster. (BZ#1652461)

* Access Control List settings are correctly removed from volumes.

* When eager-lock lock acquisition failed during a write transaction, the
previous lock was retained, which blocked all subsequent writes and caused
a hang. This is now handled correctly and more specific log messages have
been added to assist in diagnosing related issues. (BZ#1688395)

* The cluster.quorum-count volume option no longer receives a combination
of new and stale data in some situations, and Gluster NFS clients now honor
cluster.quorum-count when cluster.quorum-type is set to fixed. (BZ#1642425)

* Shard deletion is now a batched background process to control .shard
directory contention. Batch size is 100 by default and can be set using
features.shard-deletion-rate. (BZ#1568758)

This advisory also provides the following enhancements:

* Gluster-based time attributes are now available to avoid consistency
issues with kernel-based time attributes. (BZ#1583225, BZ#1699709,
BZ#1298724, BZ#1314508)

* The storage.fips-mode-rchecksum volume option is now enabled by default
for new volumes on clusters with an op-version of 70000 or higher.

* The default maximum port number for bricks is now 60999 instead of 65535.

* Override umask by using the following new options: storage.create-mask,
storage.create-directory-mask, storage.force-create-mode, and
storage.force-create-directory. (BZ#1539679)

* A Certificate Revocation List (CRL) can now be set using the ssl.crl-path
volume option. (BZ#1583585)

* Bricks in different subvolumes can now be different sizes, and gluster
algorithms account for this when determining placement ranges for files.

* Users can set a different gluster statedump path for client gfapi
processes that cannot write to /var/run/gluster. (BZ#1720461)

* Improved performance when syncing renames. (BZ#1726000)

* The storage.reserve option now reserves based on size or percentage.

All users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages to receive these
fixes and enhancements.


Update packages.




  1. glusterfs-6.0-21.el7.src.rpm
    MD5: 843efe0194e2d6e032495a9182a4191c
    SHA-256: 5ae73b0671af059994a3a32270d5aa92766a85455176f15875ca16a9c7ce4522
    Size: 7.63 MB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. glusterfs-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: fdcb7c16e4d6b64230e3d9cf73503826
    SHA-256: 155c4fbb418111016c829cedf6b37375f06d91a36ced7a2a7e522484a4e4454c
    Size: 614.05 kB
  2. glusterfs-api-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 8881879a388c0efea4ce846f6bf3a780
    SHA-256: ab08633105b5351867e259eac833985917b7fae9d333bce2715de97665046812
    Size: 83.09 kB
  3. glusterfs-cli-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 4f8558ff5428c2d79577b245329a1742
    SHA-256: 35294f96784807a5dde7a3194da5d43854c05afaad9e2e19d3ce892fab2e54b8
    Size: 172.57 kB
  4. glusterfs-client-xlators-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: cf8191330e97c84dd9b7e4573c451307
    SHA-256: 9f6348b5f39482d34227e71dbe57f28fe33f61898fe295cc31b4525b559a28b2
    Size: 831.33 kB
  5. glusterfs-fuse-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: daaaad8630fcff7a01d02aed09de99cd
    SHA-256: 06a20f94ba6da704d83adc8a96676a99b89527bb07c5f4c01a8a3eefd887ac64
    Size: 124.48 kB
  6. glusterfs-libs-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 04dbbd7e4918f3fc360cd51b515ca7b6
    SHA-256: 65c5c56db72028950190e09123f4bd04d48dfeb5c3f8475e8d26f5b0cd6cf313
    Size: 390.44 kB
  7. glusterfs-rdma-6.0-21.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 58cf8c0d2414af44d579b7fd8f922e0f
    SHA-256: ec76c31ec72e40ee51d1ff57af727827cf160d766c137f59414d3a41d3ea6764
    Size: 38.86 kB
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