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Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 13:48
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Asianux Server 3 for x86
Asianux Server 3 for x86_64

Qt is a GUI software toolkit which simplifies the task of writing and maintaining GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications for the X Window System.

Qt is written in C++ and is fully object-oriented.

This package contains the shared library needed to run qt applications, as well as the README files for qt.

- delete png files (install, files)
- add desktop file routine (install)
- delete desktop file utils (requires)
- merge patches to the new package which based on 3.3.6-23.el5
- create 64bit qtrc(SOURCE4) and use it for x86_64 and ppc64
- change and qt.csh(source2, source3)
- add some character can be shown in zh_CN environment (patch402)
- add bold font patch (patch401, bugzillaAX#129)
- add undefine but (patch400)

- Resolves: Qt UTF8 improper character expansion, CVE-2007-0242
- Resolves: Qt off by one buffer overflow, CVE-2007-4137

- Resolves CVE-2007-3388 qt3 format string flaw


Update Packages.

Additional Info: 

From Asianux Server 3 SP1 updated packages.


  1. qt-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.src.rpm
    MD5: 84e494230f1e71780bbae4e9bbfb8a60
    SHA-256: 98cc85a6276cd0ab3abcbd33856db9d8ddb83bbe4a1f024eb216fada2a0a8c43
    Size: 14.08 MB

Asianux Server 3 for x86
  1. qt-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: e86d67836163648a241fdba20aa2eacc
    SHA-256: fe2bfb776f2d480571f6dae03689ecf1e6118d466fb9c87da2a8bd59b3dcc71d
    Size: 3.59 MB
  2. qt-config-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: a51dde588eab4f28af428ef17bea038a
    SHA-256: 1eafb8f1bfc45e2bbff4dae625172a8dcb9f59f26d50911d49fcc78774516c8c
    Size: 110.48 kB
  3. qt-devel-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: 58ad37252b9bbbc20f1560a3b04bb432
    SHA-256: a454827c3dc2da8a7346cd8e27c28feab26881881a748861d45602b3183df09c
    Size: 11.08 MB
  4. qt-MySQL-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: e1f7d998871163d1ce673cd4661421a1
    SHA-256: 658ab43300d26716cb806032e856c5d8bd81e12b6dfdefeac4b0e4a3caea8733
    Size: 55.34 kB
  5. qt-ODBC-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: c028a9f6f93fe8cabba01b041810175b
    SHA-256: a2a8e909b7056ccac54e3eda41bdb1fca4f03a712e2f91fe5f4fe225194f527d
    Size: 77.99 kB
  6. qt-PostgreSQL-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.i386.rpm
    MD5: 3f9847e791eff49ed97a53fc40b78c98
    SHA-256: fb87ec5281e44674201f52cf40796ada56cd6bbaafa9cb0a5cb39175403d5303
    Size: 64.08 kB

Asianux Server 3 for x86_64
  1. qt-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: ab554963f0620ed03be3de1d625fbe23
    SHA-256: fff0279b7c5365884a57a92a3e90ab5ad4659690d685ffcdfbb3e9319ec19805
    Size: 3.60 MB
  2. qt-config-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: d3c08e11dd655ea710ca0ffbccc17fb0
    SHA-256: dd51c4d6f45e34681407ef3908a14ed1ce8c7d5fece29c3d70bc77722890507d
    Size: 112.71 kB
  3. qt-devel-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 6039dfc66434a78a80d93ffa6c8c29cd
    SHA-256: 8ec3b370add7cb83be6c6da1d16c8f324463c11f001b9d806446fc0e3c8bec33
    Size: 11.21 MB
  4. qt-MySQL-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 4d1e9cf4d1711f601463d235f76eebb3
    SHA-256: 6aa3fe6d83ea0b30650eb8053bcfc0f0a2bb4f8172c112f047df102cf7a5bf94
    Size: 55.76 kB
  5. qt-ODBC-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: a5ed2c9054dd862429c347497dde204e
    SHA-256: 1b5008a5268613cb6b762f0434d6b3bb48c0c805ec5a88341a438e3dc1a770c8
    Size: 78.31 kB
  6. qt-PostgreSQL-3.3.6-23.1AXS3.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 92841de552c6779c4e2e05be817aa998
    SHA-256: b3c15370a23005a10c2a18307c32a94ab3161401fa3af0d0a83e5211ce768263
    Size: 64.21 kB
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