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Sunday, September 28, 2008 - 14:42
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Asianux Server 3 for x86
Asianux Server 3 for x86_64

Asianux TSN Updater

-Bug fix #3825 - Added file size checking in error route, and fixed typo
-Bug fix #4564 - AXTU man page update
-Bug fix #3616 - when using Proxy, downloading timeout is differ from direct connection
-Bug fix #4179 - One warning message is missing when redcastle is in warning status
-Bug fix #4911 - When you turn on your system, If network is not connected, then axtu-daemon will be stoped.
-Bug fix #4935 - In update mode(axtu -u), Even if kernel package is installed, success log shows that kernel is updated.
- Bug fix #3580 - axtu-tui process still running in GUI environment and its terminal window is closed
- Bug fix #4175 - Can not cancel axtu during download packages (TUI)
- Bug fix #4177 - Tui axtu can not rerun again after closing the console suddenly.
- Bug fix #4645 - Fixed the problem that axtu can't deal with posttrans tag in spec file.
- Bug fix #4186 - Increase size to check log directory and unify error messages between tui/gui.
- Bug fix #4227 - Can not stop downloading packages immediately (GUI)
- Bug fix #4564 - AXTU man page update
- Bug fix #3616 - When using Proxy, downloading timeout is differ from direct connection
- Changed only some text.
- Bug fix #4115 - Add error condition newly to tui-mode.
- Bug fix #3617 - Unified the error message to show the same message with tui and gui.
- Bug fix #4114 - Fixed the error message.
- Bug fix #4454 - There are unnessary warning message on Install mode.
When install mode, warning message routine will isn't called.
- Bug fix #4513 - When redcastle is in Warning mode,the warning information is wrong.
Edit some messages.
- Bug fix #4522 - Incorrect denomination in Asianux TSN Updater setting - Notifier tab
Edit some messages.

- Add translation for incompatible package function.

- Bug fix #4007 - Block automatic updates of incompatible packages(for GUI/TUI)
- Bug fix #4216 - Axtu can not go on using after install all tomcat packages under the minimum installation system.
- Bug fix #4094 - AXTU update packages in CLI mode when RedCastle is in Warning Mode.

- Add translation for detecting redcatle status. (Bug #3982)

- Enhancement : add the incompatible package blocker feature to axtu-cl. (Bug #4007)

- change Aternate Command Names (SOURCE100) for run TUI when command
run without X - bugzilla 4103

- Enhencement about Redcastle.(Bug #3982)

- Bug #3456 , #3616 fixed.


Update Packages.

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From Asianux Server 3 SP1 updated packages.

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