エラータID: AXSA:2020-625:05

Release date: 
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 23:50
Affected Channels: 
Asianux Server 7 for x86_64

FreeRDP is a free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), released under the Apache license. The xfreerdp client can connect to RDP servers such as Microsoft Windows machines, xrdp, and VirtualBox.

The following packages have been upgraded to a later upstream version: freerdp (2.1.1).

Security Fix(es):

* freerdp: Out of bound read in cliprdr_server_receive_capabilities (CVE-2020-11018)

* freerdp: Out of bound read/write in usb redirection channel (CVE-2020-11039)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in update_read_icon_info function (CVE-2020-11042)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in autodetect_recv_bandwidth_measure_results function (CVE-2020-11047)

* freerdp: Out-of-bounds read in ntlm_read_ChallengeMessage in winpr/libwinpr/sspi/NTLM/ntlm_message.c. (CVE-2020-13396)

* freerdp: Out-of-bounds read in security_fips_decrypt in libfreerdp/core/security.c (CVE-2020-13397)

* freerdp: Out of bound read in update_recv could result in a crash (CVE-2020-11019)

* freerdp: Integer overflow in VIDEO channel (CVE-2020-11038)

* freerdp: Out of bound access in clear_decompress_subcode_rlex (CVE-2020-11040)

* freerdp: Unchecked read of array offset in rdpsnd_recv_wave2_pdu (CVE-2020-11041)

* freerdp: out of bound read in rfx_process_message_tileset (CVE-2020-11043)

* freerdp: double free in update_read_cache_bitmap_v3_order function (CVE-2020-11044)

* freerdp: out of bounds read in update_read_bitmap_data function (CVE-2020-11045)

* freerdp: out of bounds seek in update_read_synchronize function could lead out of bounds read (CVE-2020-11046)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read could result in aborting the session (CVE-2020-11048)

* freerdp: out-of-bound read of client memory that is then passed on to the protocol parser (CVE-2020-11049)

* freerdp: stream out-of-bounds seek in rdp_read_font_capability_set could lead to out-of-bounds read (CVE-2020-11058)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in cliprdr_read_format_list function (CVE-2020-11085)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in ntlm_read_ntlm_v2_client_challenge function (CVE-2020-11086)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in ntlm_read_AuthenticateMessage (CVE-2020-11087)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in ntlm_read_NegotiateMessage (CVE-2020-11088)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in irp functions (CVE-2020-11089)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in gdi.c (CVE-2020-11522)

* freerdp: out-of-bounds read in bitmap.c (CVE-2020-11525)

* freerdp: Stream pointer out of bounds in update_recv_secondary_order could lead out of bounds read later (CVE-2020-11526)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.

Additional Changes:

For detailed information on changes in this release, see the Asianux Server 7 Release Notes linked from the References section.


Update packages.

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  1. freerdp-2.1.1-2.el7.src.rpm
    MD5: 9d8a6539d849408110858a5151fd3580
    SHA-256: 38a26cf9c668c68480f51fb782d5fd2a6195a32f4b6cbddfd9cd256e134fc422
    Size: 6.52 MB

Asianux Server 7 for x86_64
  1. freerdp-2.1.1-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 1a9a320024c0d293af2e80bf5a66deb8
    SHA-256: 1df88c1f8ec28bd90012111cb4561ee0d41473c9ac812877aa52a79e2cb2cebb
    Size: 103.80 kB
  2. freerdp-libs-2.1.1-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: ee3b354734149acc06deda7325df902e
    SHA-256: 3340031a7332fd248e3629d74e57f78ee2780ca0a66152a72774d1543c8a12c6
    Size: 849.86 kB
  3. libwinpr-2.1.1-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 64ca62fe8fbfef67656050b4cfc04ec1
    SHA-256: 3f3f0e3dd2c2bef41040641cdddf375d79d1c4fcdb74fc712846db3b807cd554
    Size: 345.21 kB
  4. libwinpr-devel-2.1.1-2.el7.x86_64.rpm
    MD5: 14b7d8d72dc9a66b82b2e60c324c1c26
    SHA-256: 377a489f472dee696e346d9bd51d52176d02a7f229112f60fe97615db72e96c3
    Size: 167.51 kB
  5. freerdp-libs-2.1.1-2.el7.i686.rpm
    MD5: 5bc53f330af8d72162b04b51ec0bbda1
    SHA-256: c2b2f246dfcc61b345855a83aa0027c1bfd0383e7a3f112c17d2bfe058886773
    Size: 806.11 kB
  6. libwinpr-2.1.1-2.el7.i686.rpm
    MD5: c13778d8e24b7ac49aaf42946f560074
    SHA-256: 1849016347648b50365b83e18cb7f25339b05c23cf1bb751f37f0deccbdafe45
    Size: 331.96 kB
  7. libwinpr-devel-2.1.1-2.el7.i686.rpm
    MD5: 6eb32db3d7eb74ba338e88aaf6acc19f
    SHA-256: b2a0c02d14146c464dc4098aede66f2ea403d4a84ae4398b4f2c92342e0f7e51
    Size: 167.53 kB